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Wood Rot

Roof Repair

Gutter Cleaning Pros are expert roof repair specialists. Have you noticed a leak in your ceiling or seen some staining? This is a serious issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. The roof repair specialists at  Gutter Cleaning Pros are here to help you solve your roof problems. Some common issues which can result in a leak are:

  • Missing or damaged shingles
    • Can be caused by strong wind storms
    • Can be caused by trees limbs rubbing against your roof
    • Can be caused by hail damage
    • Can be caused by standard wear and tear in the elements
  • Faulty pipe flashings
    • Generally caused by standard wear and tear
    • Can be caused by improper installation
  • Bad chimney flashings
    • Can be caused by standard wear and tear
    • Can be caused by improper installation
  • Bad window flashings
    • Generally caused by standard wear and tear

Roof Repair Solutions

Any of the problems above can result in rotten plywood or even structural damage if left untreated. Unlike your average handyman, Gutter Cleaning Pros perform the above repairs the correct way. We have seen too many homeowners get ripped off by jacklegs rushing through the work. Our goal is to offer affordable, quality roof repair solutions to you. We guarantee our work for 3 years.

Shingle Repair

When replacing shingles on your home, we will match the color of your existing shingles. Generally, there will be a slight difference between your existing shingles and the new ones. This is caused by the suns powerful UV rays and is unavoidable.

Pipe Flashing Repair

Over time, your existing pipe flashings will dry rot and crack due to constant UV exposure. When repairing bad pipe flashings, we will replace the old one with a new flashing. If your home has architectural style shingles, a “perma boot” will be required. A “perma boot” is a pipe cover which once put on, will likely never need to be replaced. It is composed of a hard, durable plastic.

Chimney Flashing Repair

If you have a brick or block chimney, the metal flashing is applied on the outside of the structure. Generally over time, the tar used to seal the metal to the chimney degrades due to the constant exposure to the elements. Depending on the scenario, the flashing can be repaired or replaced. Repairing involves removing the old tar, nailing the flashing back down, and reapplying roofing tar to create a water tight seal. Replacement involves removing the old, leaky flashing and replacing the metal flashing all the way around the chimney. Each job is different; our specialists will advise you of the best possible solution.

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