Wood Rot Repair Raleigh, NC

Wood Rot

Wood Rot Repair

Gutter Cleaning Pros are experts when it comes to wood rot repair. Do you have rotten soffit? Perhaps you have rotten fascia board? Maybe you have rotten trim and molding? Whatever the case may be, the experts at Gutter Cleaning Pros are here to help.

The leading causes of wood rot around your gutter system are:

  • Roofing shingles which have been cut too short
  • Holes in the shingles near your gutter system
  • Faulty or damaged gutter hangers
  • Improperly painted wood around your gutters
  • Improperly sealed gutters
  • Gutters which have lost their seal over time, most prevalent around any seams
  • Gutters which are not graded properly, allowing water to sit in the gutters

Wood Rot can be a Big Problem

Any of these small problems can redirect water to the wood behind your gutters, known as the fascia board. When this board begins to rot, the screws or nails that hold your gutter to your home will no longer be effective. Over time, if left unrepaired, the rot can spread to surrounding areas. The gutters will eventually have nothing holding them to your home, and could fall off of your house in a heavy downpour. If you suspect that you have a wood rot problem, feel free to give us a call. Wood rot is a serious issue that does not just “go away”. It should be handled by professionals, who take their work seriously.